Thursday, January 2, 2014

Emergency Project: Cold Weather Waterproof Mittens (Part 1)

Today it is cold and it has snowed a little over an inch in my neck of the woods.  My boys are at home and want to go out and play, so we look in the hat and glove bin and lo and behold we have one of every set of gloves.  Ugh.  I check the forecast and the weather is about to take a turn for the cold, a high of 18 degrees as they get back to school on Monday.  So super mom has to figure out how to keep those little fingertips from freezing off, so here comes another emergency project.

I decided to be smart and google up some tuts out there so I can run by the fabric store tonight and finish them up two sets of gloves by the morning.  I found a few great resources out there.

The first tutorial I found was on Fleece Fun.  The Free Mitten Pattern on Fleece Fun looks very nice and comes with a great video tutorial.  Available for download are the child's size Small, Medium, and Large as well as Women's size Medium and Large and Men's Medium and Large.

Free Mitten Pattern on Fleece Fun (This is not my pattern, it is a link to a cool tutorial). 

I love the fact that these are lined.  In the tutorial, she uses fleece and minky fabric for the lining.  I am thinking that the glove need to be warmer, we are talking temps in the lower teens, and I want them waterproof.  I do love the shape of the gloves and the sizing, so I think I will be using this pattern.

So I did a little more snooping and found another great tutorial at Sew Can Do.  Here you will find this great tutorial for Insulated Snow Mittens.  I love the idea of using the insulation material as an underlining.  She also suggests using laminated polyester for the outside of the glove, making them waterproof.

Insulated Snow Mittens Pattern and Tutorial by Sew Can Do

I am sure I will be combining both of these great tutorials to make my own version of an insulated mitten.  I am also going to adding a key hook to the gloves and a d-ring to each side of my boys' coats since they magically cannot seem to keep from losing their gloves at school.  I would not want all this hard work for nothing.

Keep on the lookout tomorrow for the results and pictures of what I made.


  1. Yours turned out so nice Ariana!! Can't wait to try them!! :)


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