Monday, November 3, 2014

Gotta Catch Em All - Pokemon!

For Halloween this year, I got out on the easy side.  This is my little Ash from Pokemon.  The shirt/jacket and gloves were all I had to make.  The shirt is made from a blue cotton twill and underlined with a heavier cotton twill to add more body so it would flow away from the body just like in the cartoon.  The pattern was created by altering a simple kids button down shirt.  I added the pockets (both fully functional of course) and made the sleeved from a faux linen fabric.  It is fully lined.

Ash has fingerless single finger gloves, but the fleece that I purchased was just too bulky for that with little hands, so I made them a simple thumb and fingerless mitten sort of glove.

All in all, the costume was a success.  EVERYONE knew who he was and he was thrilled with his costume.  I was originally hoping he would be able to wear it to the summer comic-cons, but the way he is growing, it may be going to his little brother for con wear.

Here are a few more poses, just for fun:

And since I don't want his little brother to be left out, this is Minecraft Steve in Diamon plated armor.  I made the armor from rubber floor tiles and hot glue.  Not my best work, but he loved it, so I win!

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