Monday, November 3, 2014

Super Fun Girls Coat on the Way

My niece is adorable and is just coming into her own in fashion terms.  I spoke to her about her birthday and Christmas presents this year (she has a December birthday) and we decided I would make her a present this year.  I was tasked to make a "super twirly cool coat".

So, off to find a pattern and go fabric shopping - since we all know I hate fabric shopping (NOT!!!).

I have decided to go with Vogue 9043, View B.  I was originally thinking View C (the long one) but when I found the perfect fabric and there was only two yards left, View B became the selection.  I also think it is more practical for an 8 year old.

In choosing the fabric, I had some parameters.  The birthday girl want pink or pink and blue.  The birthday girl's mommy wanted washable and something that won't show dirt in 5 minutes.  So a print was automatically my way to go.

My problem is that I love wool and I have no problem spending money on quality wool, but washable was one of my key requirements.  After a LOT of thinking, I decided to look into a faux fur and ended up selecting a minky fabric.  My plan is to underline with organza (poly for washability) to add body to the minky fabric and line with cotton flannel for warmth.  So here are the fabrics I selected:

Next step is to cut the muslin and do a fitting.  This is going to be fun!

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