Monday, December 30, 2013

BurdaStyle 80s Night Pattern (Pattern Preview)

So I love BurdaStyle patterns and you will be seeing a lot of BurdaStyle pattern reviews and previews from me here.

Today, BurdaStyle released 9 new patterns under the inspiration of 80s Night party patterns.

Sequin Shirt on BurdaStyle
So first up is the Sequin Shirt.  This shirt looks pretty basic from the diagram.  I personally could not tolerate the sequins on the neck roll against my skin but this could be a fun casual sweatshirt pattern made up in a fun print to go with jeans for a casual work day for me.  Below is the second pattern which is basically the same pattern with longer cuffs, bodice and waistband.  You can see the print is pretty nice here, but again, I would like it in some sort of cozy fabric or a sweater knit.

Drop Waist Dress on BurdaStyle

The Fur Jacket below has a ton of potential for me as I love faux and real fur and have been tempted to work with rabbit fur.  I could always try a faux fur version and then maybe made the plunge into rabbit.
Fur Jacket 12/2010 on BurdaStyle

Now here is a pattern I can really go for.  The Cutout Dress looks to have a ton of potential and I would so wear this in a heartbeat.  Here it looks to be made up in wet look spandex, but stretch faux leather would be really me.
Cutout Dress 12/2010 on BurdaStyle

The other patterns were a bit ho hum.  The worst of the group would be this little ditty.  Yuck, I would have to redo this whole thing to make it wearable for me.
Wrap Dress 12/2010 on BurdaStyle

So a few winners here.  The more I think about that cut out dress, the more I think it would be fun to do this with the cutout side as a tiny sleeve or hmm, maybe....oh well, too much to sew and not enough time.

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