Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peter Pan Collar for the Gothic Lolita

My little sister has always been a huge fan of Japanese culture and for her Christmas present I offered to make her something special.  She responded with a request that was rather suprising - a lolita outfit.  Now we are not talking a cosplay lolita outfit, but the amazingly girly lolita style.  While my sister does not seem the lolita type, I was more than happy to jump at the opportunity to work in fluffy silhouettes and ruffles and lace.

The main part of her present was a massive circle skirt with pleats, self drafted and designed, that I will be posting about soon.  As a side note are the accessories.  Lolitas love accessories and the more the better.  The first accessory to go into the mail was a peter pan collar with leftover bits of lace and cotton batiste bits from my grandma.

As I have never really had a reason to make a collar like this, I googled around a bit ended up using the wonderful free Peter Pan Collar pattern at Elegant Musings.  There is a spectacular tutorial there and the collar came out very pretty.

I did make a miscalculation on the lace and it was too tight so I had to graft in some additional lace.  Its not my usual level of perfect, but for a costume piece I decided to let it go as I had only small bits of the lace left and leaving the house to go shopping for more lace while it is 9 degrees outside was not an option in my mind.  I sent it off today and cuffs will be the next item on the lolita list.

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